Heartwood Pizzeria is a pop-up located inside Plowboys BBQ in downtown Kansas City.  

Created by Jonny Doelling, Heartwood Pizzeria uses naturally-leavened dough that has been slow fermented for at least 48 hours.  This technique allows the yeast time to develop a more flavorful crust and aids in digestion.  Our pizzas are then baked in an 800° live-fire oven.

Our Street Car Pie uses Plowboy's BBQ and we source our pepperoni and bacon from The Local Pig.  This creates a true Kansas City experience on a classic Neapolitan-style pizza.



Our pizza dough is naturally-leavened.  We do not use commercial yeast, but instead cultivate and maintain a wild yeast starter.  Naturally leavened doughs have a more complex and savory flavor.  We happily make our doughs with nothing more than flour, water and salt. 



slow fermented

Our pizza doughs are slowly fermented over two or more days.  Slow fermentation allows for the breakdown of carbohydrates and glutens, making for a more flavorful and easily digestible dough.




Leoparding or leopard-spotting refers to the charred spots around the crust of a pizza, cooked using a live flame, that resembles leopard spots.  This occurs due to the air quickly expanding in the dough as it heats in the brick oven and is the sign of a proper fermentation.